Draft cards to build and enrich your town of tiny people in this tile-placement game.

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Why People Love it?

(translated from Czech)

“putting together a mini city for mini people - I liked it. Also interesting was the main offer of cards and how it works, that you always take one card and one to the left or right of it.”

- Jan

“The possibility of doing multiple actions per turn - creating a big combo where several types of cards are chained together. At the same time, great freedom in strategic options, as it should be with real Euro games.”

- Štěpán

“I also liked that the game was relatively quick-paced. I would definitely play it again. It feels like a game that I could play twice in a single gaming session, either to warm up or to cool down.”

- Václav


Humanity has found a solution to solve global warming, overpopulation, and hunger: they made all people tiny! We have saved the planet so we can all be more happy in smaller form.

Take charge of a tiny community that found itself in a giant living room. Obtain enough resources to built your new city, using everyday items. Than, make your tiny citizens happy! Tame huge animals, upgrade your city by adding entertainment buildings or save candy from terrifying wasps! Only the happiest city can claim the title of Shrinkopolis!

Shrinkopolis is a card drafting tile placement game for 1-4 players and approx. 25 - 40 minutes.

How to Play

1. On your turn, draft two adjacent cards from a circle: a city card and a reward card. Place the reward card in either a common supply or your own.

2. Place the city card in your personal city to gather resource dice by making connections with already placed cards.

3. Optionally spend a specific die to get a reward card of the same color from the common or personal supply. Reward cards give you victory points by expanding your city, collecting sets of animals, or getting useful tools to manipulate with resource dice.

4. After 6 rounds, tally up all points earned from reward cards and public and personal goals, and whoever has the most points wins and earns the Shrinkopolis title!

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